The purpose of my personal brand is to share experiences that help others grow. The blog series are lessons I have encountered in my own life, and the principles that have helped me “hold on” to my purpose. By reading this blog, I hope others will know more about me and live out their own lives with purpose.


My name is Matthew Adams and I am a business and marketing student by trade, and an artist and musician at heart. My academic experience has allowed me to utilize marketing behaviors, business strategies, web design, web development, Photoshop, Global exploration, and music technology. I love integrating my marketing knowledge with my own web art and music. My goal for all my art is to reflect things that inspire me, and help change perceptions of our current real-world dystopia. My goal is simple, help make this world a better place then how it is. Through creativity and awareness, I want to inspire others by creating meaningful content, while utilizing web design and other creative outlets.


My overall vision is to bring pleasantness into the world through good music, art and subliminal messaging. My goal with my web art is to change the general populations perception of what happiness is, and how to achieve our human need for perceived “self-actualization”.


My academic concentration as a Global Business Management major is Marketing. I have experience with brand audits, website development, online campaigns, analyzing and interoperating marketing data, setting goals and implementing recommendations all while efficiently working in a fast pace environment.

Musically speaking, I can carry a solid melody with my voice and I’ve been playing drums since I was five years old. I am comfortable in front of large crowds, and I enjoy performing as well. I have a technical background with the music technology program Reason, as well as the live performance program Ableton.


My college and music careers write their own stories. I have been studying Global Business Management, with a marketing concentration for the past seven years. I’ve been involved with many school projects, group work, assignments, tests, quizes, extracuricular activities, events, parties and all the above. My GPA can attest to the outcome of my college path, as well as my gainful employment with each academic establishment I studied at.

Music was my first love, and we’ve been involved since before I was born. I’ve been associated with many musical groups including jazz ensembles, parades, rock bands, bar gigs, and religious performances. In addition to my live performance experience, I have also been included on a few recording albums and online content. These include jazz bands, rock band, and various worship music projects on YouTube.


As a marketing student, my current focuses include: Google Analytics research, presentation and goal oriented recommendations, Marketing behavior, Services marketing, New Venture Business proposals, web design/ development and Photoshop, live musical productions, studio productions, HTML and coding, exploring our current planetary terrain through google mapping, plus my personal vocal development.


International Internship – Sydney, Australia

Give me a follow on Social Media below! I’m working on my last semester at CSUSM, and am also looking for an International Marketing Internship in Australia for Summer 2018!

How will this impact your education or career?

This experience will allow me to gain the necessary tools to launch my professional career path in the United States and around the world. I would love to be able to use the educational skills I have acquired during my internship, and make a significant impact in local industries.

How will you make a difference in the community?

This trip will allow me to grow as a marketing professional and when I return to the US, I will implement those strategies to help out the local church and/or nonprofit organizations. Within the next 5 years I see myself starting my own business and developing my professional network throughout Southern California. I truly believe that hard work pays off. I eventually want to help spread sustainable business practices all around the world, and maybe even advance sustainable coral reefs within our blue planet.


Why are you passionate about this project?

I am passionate about making the earth sustainable. This trip fulfills a requirement for me to graduate with my Bachelors in Science degree. I would also have the opportunity to travel and explore before returning to the United States and starting my family/career.


Why did you choose this destination?

I am choosing Australia because of its well-renown business/ marketing industries, social aspects, geographical location and fascinating wildlife. Also, I really want to visit Hillsong Church, and possibly do music for them.

What makes this meaningful for you?

This is my dream. It always has been since I can remember. Even as I am typing the possibility of me going to Australia is so exciting.

If you would like to help fund my Internship in Australia, donate here!

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